2023 Acura Integra pre-orders are overwhelming guides

Acura says customers who make reservations for the Integra 2023 will mostly prefer the manual transmission over the standard CVT, with a take rate currently above 70%. While this certainly bodes well for the early model mix, it remains to be seen how well the 6MT Integra will sell over the course of its expected life.

If we’ve noticed anything over the years about enthusiast-automotive cars and manual takedowns, it’s that early numbers aren’t usually indicative of the long-term trend. Even Acura’s own parent company experienced this recently when it saw the current Accord’s manual share plummet from a spike when it debuted. The more enthusiastic Integra should be able to hold onto its stick-shift buyers longer, but we’re skeptical that its long-term share will approach the 50% it enjoyed in previous generations.

That said, manual buyers are out there. Just look no further than Subaru, which absolutely puts every other mainstream automaker to shame. Yes, Subaru — the company that decided to saddle the top-end WRX with a CVT — regularly sees manual decline rates of 75% (or more) for the BRZ and 90% for its WRX line. Rest in peace, ST.

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