Alpine hydrogen supercar teased ahead of March 18 unveiling

Despite the major EV rush in the auto industry, some are still exploring designs that use alternative fuels such as hydrogen. In a project with the Istituto Europeo di Design, one of the best transport design schools in the world, Alpine has created a hydrogen-powered supercar that will be unveiled on March 18. For now, it’s teasing.

Alpine has revealed little about the car so far. Named the Alpine A4810, it was designed in collaboration with 28 IED students as part of the graduation project of their Masters in Transportation Design program. As such, the emphasis will be on design, with a low, rounded bow that continues the Alpine tradition. The brand’s signature four-headed headlights have a hexagonal shape instead of the typical round units, and a new LED lighting signature spans the width of the front.

We also see bulging front and rear wheel arches, a fighter jet-style greenhouse and taillights that seem to extend from the rear body. Oh, and the Alpine logo on the nose glows too.

The stated goal of the project was to develop something as extreme as a supercar, but with sustainability in mind. Interestingly, rather than a battery-electric setup, the IED’s description specifically mentions a hydrogen powertrain. However, it does not specify whether that is a fuel cell or an internal combustion engine that uses hydrogen. The latter, for example, would be something like Toyota’s Corolla-based hydrogen racing car.

In the grand scheme of things, it probably won’t matter much since this is primarily a design study. Alpine has also taken steps to develop an all-electric sports car. It has about as much chance of going into production as the Suzuki Misano Concept that IED designed earlier. Still, it can serve as a visual signpost for the company’s future vehicles. The Alpine A4810 will be unveiled online on Thursday March 18.