Buell brings new Super Touring 1190 bike to Daytona Bike Week

Buell has two new bikes to show at this coming weekend’s Daytona Bike Week. When they go into production — expected this fall this year — they will nearly double the Michigan-based motorcycle company’s current lineup of Hammerhead 1190 superbike, 1190SX naked and 1190HCR hill climb racer. The first newcomer is the Super Touring, a touring and adventure bike based on Buell’s proven heart, the 1,190cc V-twin. Dubbed “the world’s fastest touring bike” — off the trail, we assume — the Super Touring 1190 will get 185 horsepower and 101 pound-feet of torque to shift its vertical face and upright stance. Based on the renderings, this brings a utility toolkit to a growing class of liter touring motorcycles, including the one recently deployed by Buell’s former owner, the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250. Expected to be for sale in 2023, starting price clocks in at $21,995 before diving into a promised line of accessories.

The second Daytona display is the Buell Baja DR, the “DR” for dune racer. This is a trellis desert runner, based on the 1190HCR competition bike, the racer fitted with an extended swingarm to run up steep stuff that won the 2020 AMA Pro National Hillclimb title. The Baja DR gets a shortened, adjustable swingarm, creating a wheelbase of 66 to 70 inches. The V-twin channels 175 horsepower and 101 lb-ft to the rear wheel, which is 10 horses lower than the competition two-wheeler. Calling it “the fastest dirt bike in the world,” said Buell president Bill Melvin, “Less than 1% of the world is covered with pavement, the Buell Baja DR is designed to dominate the other 99.7%. It gives riders the freedom to go faster and with more power anywhere in the world, using our 1190 engine.”

For anyone confused as to which Buell incarnation this is, the first thing to know is that it has nothing to do with Erik Buell other than using his last name. The Wisconsin engineer whose legend lives on when Buell motorcycles crop up has switched to a new venture called Fuell, which is making an e-bike now called the Fluid-1S and preparing to release an electric motorcycle.

The short story of the reincarnated Buell motorcycles is that when Harley-Davidson sold Buell after the 2008 financial crisis, Erik Buell was not allowed to use his name as a brand or build racing bikes, so he picked up the pieces under the new Erik Buell name. racing. He eventually got to build street bikes, with the EBR 1190RR and 1190RS as successors to the 1125R bikes from the Harley days. EBR got into a bad marriage with Indian motorcycle manufacturer Hero in 2013, which led to bankruptcy in 2015. Hero bought the EBR R&D division, Liquid Asset Partners (LAP), and its CEO, Bill Melvin, bought the rest from bankruptcy proceedings. LAP was able to get the rights to the Buell name in the US in 2020 and almost exactly a year ago it promised to release 10 new bikes by 2024. Two are already on the market and shipping (the 1190HCR is competition-only for now), two more will greet the world next week.

Daytona Bike Week runs from March 4-13, with Buell planning its debut on March 5. Anyone interested can place a $25 reservation for the Super Touring on the Buell site that day. Melvin says the variety will grow with future models, with “medium- and small-displacement motorcycles” among a range of cruisers, dirt bikes, dual-sports and tourers.