Ford announces 7 new EVs for Europe by 2024

Ford continues its expansion into electric vehicles with the announcement of seven new all-electric models for Europe. Three of them are passenger crossover SUVs, and the other four (or maybe two) are commercial vans. And they will all be launched by the end of 2024. We contacted Ford’s US representatives, and they had no comment regarding the availability of these vehicles in the United States.

The passenger crossovers are probably the most interesting, not only because they can have the widest variety of designs, but also because some of them are more likely for the US market. The first will be a “medium” five-seat crossover to be built at Ford’s plant in Cologne, Germany. It will be unveiled later this year and will go into production next year. The EV range is estimated at 311 miles, although that’s likely in the European WLTP cycle, which usually gives longer range than the EPA cycle. After this crossover, a similarly sized “sports crossover” will be built in the same factory. It will be launched in 2024. Finally, 2024 will also be the year in which an all-electric version of the Ford Puma subcompact SUV will be launched.

The vans will appear next year. While Ford says it is launching four new electric vans, they are likely to launch two vans in passenger and cargo variants. The first set will be the Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom electric vans for 2023. The Transit is the freight variant and the Tourneo is the passenger version, and the Custom models fit between the full-size Transit and the smaller Transit Connect. In 2024 they will be joined by the Transit Courier and Tourneo Courier. These are very small vans that fit under the Transit Connect.

While Ford had nothing to say about availability, we can safely rule out some of these models for America. We doubt very much that the new electric vans will get here, as they are models that have no internal combustion counterparts available, and no other manufacturer here is aiming for these intermediate segments. We don’t expect the Puma EV either, as the internal combustion model didn’t make it here. The other two crossovers have our attention as they appear to be a good size and body shape for the US market, models that could slip under the Mustang Mach-E. Hopefully we’ll know more when the first of those crossovers is revealed this year.