Ford closes order books on 2022 Broncos in March

If you’re looking to buy a 2022 Ford Bronco and probably have it built this year, you’d better hurry and get an order in. As shared to us by Bronco6G and confirmed to us by Ford, order books are closing for the 2022 model year. Dealers are asking buyers to get their orders in by March 7, and the deadline for dealers to convert to Ford is the following day.

According to Ford, demand has been so high that they are reaching a point where they must end 2022 orders to fill them before starting production of 2023 models. This is also apparently a step to ensure everyone with 2022 orders gets their vehicles this year. Another step that has been taken is the discontinuation of factory-installed paint protection film, except for Wildtrak models. In the event that buyers want the film on a non-Wildtrak, Ford advises them to opt for dealer-installed film.

Ford has also provided a few other ordering tips to increase your chances of getting a Bronco earlier this year. Skipping the tow package and the hardtop are both ways to potentially get a truck sooner, as the tow package is in high demand and Ford still has production restrictions. And as an alternative to the tow bar package, the dealer can fit the tow bar and a four-pin power strip, although buyers requiring a seven-way power strip should stick with the tow bar package.

Bronco Raptor orders will be received sometime after the 2022 model year order deadline. Orders for 2023 models will also be opened later this year. The exact timing for 2023 orders has not yet been announced, as have no official pricing and options. And for reference, Bronco reservation holders have priority when ordering Raptor.