‘GRID Legends’ is a fun, great looking arcade racer

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This week in racing game news:

We played “GRID Legends” and it’s really fun

Two high-profile racing games were released this week: ‘Gran Turismo 7’ and ‘GRID Legends’. Since “GRID” was released a little earlier, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on that this week, but you can look forward to our “Gran Turismo 7” impressions during next week’s recap. As for “GRID”, it’s a great looking and feeling arcade racer with a decent amount of variety and a remarkably well acted story mode that gets you sucked into easily.

The main gameplay modes available are story, career, social (multiplayer), and race maker. We spent most of our time in the 36 chapter story mode, and we enjoyed it very much. The live-action cutscenes are surprisingly well produced. The story remains entertaining for the most part thanks to a fantastic performance by Miles Yekinni as Marcus Ado, a “prodigy” team principal for the in-game Seneca Racing team. It is expected that Marcus will soon turn his attention to you, the player, whose job is to dominate and impress the first few races so that he will ask you to join the team. The layout for this mode is not something unexpected; it follows a fairly traditional cutscene, race, cutscene, race, etc. sort of format, but the pace is thankfully well balanced and quite engaging.

As for the actual gameplay, it’s about as arcade-esque as it gets, in a good way. The game starts you off with all sorts of assists turned on automatically and the default difficulty setting is quite laughably easy if you have some experience with racing games. This isn’t a criticism though, as you can easily increase the difficulty if you want. In fact, this would probably be a fantastic game for someone who isn’t super comfortable with racing games, but still wants to immerse themselves in the genre. It looks great, it has many vehicle types and tracks to choose from, and it doesn’t get bogged down by an endless cascade of unnecessarily confusing menus (*cough* looking at you, “Forza” *cough*).

Speaking of vehicle types, there are many. You can choose to race with Touring, Tuner, GT, Drift, Track Day, Open Wheel Racing, Trucks, Electric or Special vehicles. All vehicle types have a pretty distinct feel and are fun in their own way. There are also 22 track locations, each with multiple motorable routes and the ability to race during the day or night, opening up a huge number of track options for players.

All in all, if you’re not looking for a super intense, teeth-grinding challenge or a hyper-realistic simulation, but rather just want to have some fun ripping over tracks, this game is probably worth your time. We’ll be streaming it on our weekly gaming livestream next Tuesday at 2pm ET if you’d like to check it out and ask us questions about the game live, or you can pick up the game for yourself here.