Hot Wheels and Fender Create a Line of Die-Cast-Inspired Guitars

Hot Wheels has teamed up with Fender to release a line of 16 unique guitars and basses inspired by some of its diecast models. Similar to a used car, these types of instruments are meant to be put on display in a collection rather than breaking down after a show.

Each instrument is modeled after a 1/64 scale Hot Wheels released over the decades. There is something in the collection for almost every enthusiast: the range includes the Stratocaster, the Telecaster, the Jaguar, the Katana and the Precision Bass. One of the notable omissions is the Jazz Bass. Designers took inspiration from bold Hot Wheels colors to create the unique instruments.

The Night Shifter Stratocaster, for example, stands out with a red-painted body with blue, yellow and white accents – just like the die-cast car. The spec sheet is impressive: It’s built with EMG JH “IT” bridge pickups and a Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo, among other hardware. For something more subtle, the Baja Truck Strat wears gray paint with mint green accents. Alternatively, if subtlety isn’t what you’re looking for in a guitar, the Muscle Bound Stratocaster is painted in Metallic Cadallic Green with cool graphics.

These instruments are built by a master or apprentice builder in the Fender Custom Shop, and only one is made. None are cheap: the price ranges from $10,500 for the Bad to the Blade Katana to $16,500 for the Night Shifter fretless Precision Bass and the Bull Whip Stratocaster. Buyers will also receive a Hot Wheels strap and pick set, a custom case, and the car that inspired their guitar.

Cars and guitars make a great combination. In 2021, Jeep and Wallace released a guitar built with wood sourced from the Packard factory.