Jumping Tesla Model S on a public road is incredibly stupid

The last thing we want is to publicize people doing stupid, unsafe things in an effort to gain fame and notoriety, but video of a black Tesla Model S roaming the internet this weekend deserves special attention. Not because the stunt was cool or because there’s some fun car-obsessive angle to cover, but because it’s so unbelievably stupid that everyone who competed deserves to get caught or at least interviewed by the Los Angeles Police Department .

Further, the poor man whose Subaru Forester was parked in the street ā€” the same Subaru Forester who eventually brought the out of control Tesla to a stop ā€” should bring his own sad predicament to light.

As you can see if you follow the LAPD’s Twitter thread above, the Tesla Model S used for this stupid stunt was rented from someone who probably had no idea their electric car was going to be abused and eventually totaled. declared. So that’s another victim. There were reportedly several passengers in the Tesla in the air, apparently including a cat. The LAPD offers rewards to people “who provide information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction or resolution of the perpetrator through civil compromise.”

The LAPD reports that they have already received a slew of tips on identifying a few participants, one of whom is considered a “person of importance.” There is a video on TikTok of someone who may be that person bragging about and seemingly confessing to the crime, and other videos on YouTube (which we won’t amplify by linking) of people who were there when the stunt and corresponding crash took place , and they too have been identified by the authorities.

As a final note, think of this as some sort of public announcement that apparently some people are willing to put themselves and the lives and property of others at risk for the sake of internet fame. We all share the same roads, so be safe out there.