The Tomaso P72 sounds great during the winter test

This is the season of ESC calibrations on ice and the throwing of snowflake grid tails, otherwise known as winter testing. Audi likes to throw white walls in the north of Sweden, as it is doing now with the 2023 E-Tron electric crossover. De Tomaso Automobili seems to prefer Switzerland as he has taken his forthcoming P72 coupe to an alpine valley for winter practice. The best thing about what is essentially another snowy drift video is the sound of the engine. The curves of the P72 drove straight from 1965 and some enthusiasts may not harbor nostalgia for it. The rumble of the mid-mount, supercharged Ford 5.0-liter Coyote V8 that De Tomaso and Roush Performance have further tuned for something vintage and cranky, well, that should get near-unanimous approval.

De Tomaso said the supercar and hypercar trend of massive engine output “is irrelevant to the ethos of this project and to what we are trying to achieve.” Obviously the sound is very relevant. You wouldn’t suspect the Coyote was breathing through a Roots-type supercharger, but it is. Roush modified the fan for faster operation, better airflow and thermal efficiency, and less noise and vibration, the latter to emphasize an “old-school American V8 soundtrack” and the atmospheric spirit of the 1960s. Assuming the A/V crew didn’t play with the supercharger noise levels when editing the video, the P72 has become a lot more appealing after learning that it will cause some good old-fashioned commotion from its top-mounted exhaust. We’re told final power will be somewhere north of 700 horsepower and 608 pound-feet of torque, the planned redline above 7,500 rpm.

The P in the coupe’s alphanumeric name stands for Prototipo in the name of the original De Tomaso race car from the 1960s, the 72 for how many will be made. Last year they were priced at €700,000 each, but a lot has happened since then, so that can be adjusted upwards. Not that the target demo will care much.

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