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Avocado Reveals Its Plan to Create All-in-One Blockchain, Crypto and NFT Solution

Avocado, a new cryptocurrency platform, is set to revolutionize the crypto space as it plans to create one system that houses NFTs, cryptocurrency and blockchain. Avocado hopes to remove the difficulties in the crypto space as it aims to deal with the problem of using four different platforms to buy, trade, use and store the NFT with a new token. According to the team leader, “The blockchain, NFT and crypto space should be accessible to everyone. There should be no barriers to doing all these things with this technology.”

To make sure that it provides a solution to this problem, it has created its official NFT collection with more than 10,000 different NFTs. The NFT Collection gives users VIP access to all Avocado events and parties. In addition, holders can receive exclusive discounts and be whitelisted in the official NFTs.

Moreover, instead of just selling its NFTs, it also creates a live NFT marketplace where investors, creators and holders can mint and sell their NFTs. The Marketplace was set up with security and legitimacy for the community.

In addition, the AVO Farm Game is another opportunity for everyone to play to earn rewards. Investors or token holders can plant a seed with their NFT to buy items in the Avocado Store. Interestingly, it allows holders to earn additional NFTs and tokens as they expand their farms. This offsets their effort and time invested in the game.

In his statement, the chief marketing officer emphasized how the MetaVerse will incorporate land into the project. “Looking forever into the future, we buy MetaVerse land through Sandbox and Decentraland. We will establish the Avocado Clubhouse on that land so that everyone in our community can come together as one, chat, share ideas and relax.”

In addition, it will provide a direct platform that will make trading easier. The AVOSwap allows investors to exchange tokens without using a centralized intermediary. It will be the official decentralized exchange that allows people to trade AVO with other cryptos.

Token Distribution and Offers

According to the team, 100,000,000,000 AVO will be available, 40% of which will be for the community and 25% for the ecosystem. In addition, 10% is reserved for the team, while 25% is burned. The Avocado token is built using the Binance Smart Chain.

Social media handles:

Website: https://avocadotoken.io/

Twitter (NYSE:): https://twitter.com/tokenavocado

Telegram: https://t.me/+fK1oeteJFZo0OWJh

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avocadotoken/

Discord: https://discord.gg/tpeb5TH5EZ

Contact information:

Organisation: Avocado Token

Name: Aldo Quintana

Email: info@avocadotoken.io

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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