Leading Tesla shareholder makes public request for delivery guidelines over Wall Street estimates

You don’t see this often.

Leo KoGuan, the third largest individual shareholder of Tesla TSLA according to Bloomberg,
on Wednesday, the company publicly lobbied via Twitter about what guidance it should provide.

KoGuan, the Singapore-based billionaire founder of software maker SHI International, tweeted to CEO Elon Musk to oversee 1.6 million deliveries at a margin of more than 30%.

According to FactSet, analysts’ expectations are for 1.47 million deliveries and a gross margin for autos ex regulatory credits of 28.4%.

In the tweet, “destroy FUD” – meaning “fear, uncertainty and doubt” – “and leave Johnson to bite the dust,” is a reference to Gordon Johnson, the founder of GLJ Research and critic of the company.

Commenting on a Twitter user, KoGuan said his preference would still be to create an “underpromise/overdeliver/earnings surprise” story.

Referring to Tesla’s chief financial officer, Zach Kirkhorn, KoGuan said he needs to reassure investors in a challenging macro environment and discourage hedge funds from selling high and buying back low.

Tesla stocks are down 14% from their November peak, where they, along with other growth stocks, have suffered from rising bond yields.