Benefits of Pinterest for Business in 2022

With over 400 million active users and growing steadily at 37% year-over-year, Pinterest offers incredible opportunities to grow your business by presenting your brand to potential new customers, driving more traffic to your website, and promote products to boost sales.

Pinterest is unique from other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook in that it is more of a visual search engine: a place where people come to ideas, inspiration and information as they prepare to make a purchase. Pinterest users are equally unique in that they respond well to ads and spend twice as much money on shopping compared to non-pinners.

The results of a Pinterest marketing strategy can be stunning for your business. Pinterest offers one of the lowest CPCs in social media marketing and earns a return on ad spend that is on average 2x higher than other social media platforms.

Benefits of Pinterest for Business in 2022

Still not convinced? Here are 5 benefits of adding Pinterest to your marketing strategy.

1. Increase brand awareness

People are here to discover new ideas and products, so they want to actively hear from you. That translates into meaningful results and strong relationships with your target audience.

People who use Pinterest are there to discover new ideas and products, making them highly receptive to messages from your business and can result in strong and meaningful relationships with your target audience.

In fact, 80% of weekly pinners discover a new brand or product on Pinterest, and users are 55% more likely to buy a brand or product after seeing a video on Pinterest compared to other platforms. The Pins you create also have a long lifespan, unlike other social media platforms. These Pins stay on your board forever and are searchable, driving continuous engagement and growing exposure for your brand. Consumers also rely on what other Pinners save and are 66% more likely to give new brands a shot and buy based on others’ Pins. If your Pins are actively saved, sales are sure to follow. By adding Pinterest to your overall marketing strategy, you create countless new opportunities for people to discover and learn more about your brand.

When SLTC partnered with The Worthington Collection, a luxury candle brand, to increase brand awareness on Pinterest by creating separate boards featuring their Luxe and Signature collections, allowing users to shop and learn about specific products. Creating boards featuring their blog posts and inspiring scents gave users a more intimate look at the brand’s story, background and inspiration.

2. More website traffic

As a visual search engine, Pinterest does more than help people discover new content, it also helps drive more traffic to your website. In fact, Pinterest generates more traffic than any other social media platform. And it’s not just any traffic – 85% of weekly pinners have made a purchase based on pins they see from brands, which illustrates the quality of the traffic.

In addition, Rich Pins automatically sync information such as price, description and availability from your website and appear in the Shop tab with search results. Rich Pins are therefore a great way to add more links to your website, increase traffic and drive conversions.

3. Improve your reach

According to Pinterest, 97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded, meaning people use this visual search engine as a discovery tool. And when they find it, 98% of people try these new things. Not only do users pin the things they love, they also spend money on it, which translates into a huge opportunity to boost sales and conversions if you can bring your products and services to the attention of your target audience.

SLTC teamed up with NuFun Activities, an innovative craft brand specializing in transfer paper and mess-free markers, to expand its reach on social media platforms, including Pinterest. By revamping its creative direction, creating brand templates, and executing conscious organic and paid strategies on Pinterest, SLTC was able to increase its impressions and audience by over 700% MoM.

4. Solid choice for advertising

One of the benefits of having a Pinterest Business account is the ability to show targeted ads and promoted Pins.

But what makes advertising on Pinterest powerful is its targeting options. Pinterest knows what people are looking for and interested in through the Pins people keep on their boards. These metrics can be used to deliver your content while targeting the right audience and providing them with the right solution at the right time, leading to higher conversions.

In addition, Pinterest users are 3x more likely to click on a Pin to learn more about the product or service than on any other social media platform. So if you’re delivering compelling content to an audience that’s already looking for your products or services, you’re likely to drive traffic and conversions to your website.

Reports suggest Pinterest ads are also 2.3x cheaper per conversion than other social media ads, making Pinterest an effective and viable option to include in your online advertising strategy.

5. Increase Sales

Sales and conversions are faster on Pinterest than any other channel in the top funnel: 40% with paid activity. It takes half the impressions to convert someone on Pinterest than other platforms.

That’s because people turn to Pinterest when they’re looking for inspiration, new ideas, and new products or services. Their intent behind this research is to buy something for their homes, offices or loved ones. According to Pinterest, 9 out of 10 people use Pinterest to plan their purchases. This means they’re ready to buy when they find what they’re looking for, making Pinterest one of the best social platforms for sales and conversions.

The numbers support this. People on Pinterest spend nearly 80% more on stores than non-pinners, and 50% of US users use Pinterest to shop.

Pinterest enables shopping right from the platform itself, with shoppable Product Pins. These Pins have been enriched with metadata and formatted to let people on Pinterest know that they are shoppable. And with the introduction of video Pins, 55% of Pinners are more likely to buy a brand or product after seeing a video Pin.

Not only that, 45% of people in the US with household incomes over $100,000 a year are on Pinterest. This includes 62% of American millennials. In other words, they have the ability to spend on your products and services.

Full-Funnel Pinterest Solutions by SLTC

As you can see, Pinterest provides a unique opportunity for your business to show up and guide buying decisions by delivering meaningful content at every stage of the buying journey. People come to Pinterest to discover, research, and buy new products and services. As reports and statistics show, Pinterest users spend more, shop more often, and are more brand advocates. Pinterest itself offers a robust set of tools that you can use to increase exposure, increase traffic, and close sales, all at an affordable cost.

If you’re a brand or business looking for a team of category growth experts to help you scale, we’d love to talk to you. Contact us here to book a discovery call.