Disney Plus Canada will get all Marvel shows from Netflix next month

Disney Plus Canada will receive all Marvel shows from Netflix later next month.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the Marvel shows made in collaboration with Netflix will be leaving the streaming service. Where would they go now? The obvious answer was Disney Plus, but the shows were quite mature compared to the streaming service’s family-friendly fare. While the future is unclear for Netflix’s Marvel shows in the United States, Disney Plus will allow Canadians to stream the series later next month.

A Disney Plus Canada press release, which can be found below, states that: Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Iron Fistand the defenders will reach the Canadian streaming service on March 16. While it’s exciting to watch Daredevil and Jessica Jones join their fellow Marvel heroes on the streaming service, how exactly do these adult shows fit into Disney’s family-friendly image?

Well, Disney Plus international markets have a “Star” subsection, which contains adult content that would normally fit into Hulu’s programming slate. In Canada, Disney Plus’ Star offers tons of non-family-friendly fare, making it a perfect fit with Netflix’s litany of Marvel shows.

It remains to be seen where the Netflix Marvel shows in the United States will go. The safest bet is Hulu, which contains quite a bit of Star’s catalog. What would be surprising is that the shows end up on Disney Plus, which would certainly set a precedent for adult content landing on the service, as long as it ties into Disney’s various franchises. Only time will tell where the punisher and Jessica Jones go after that, but it’s great to see Disney actively finding ways to stream the shows instead of making them disappear forever.

Source: Twitter