Amazon Pharmacy Partners With Five Blues Plans To Offer Prescription Discount Card

Amazon pharmacy partners with Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in five states and pharmacy benefit manager Prime Therapeutics to offer a discounted prescription savings card.

at a The ViVE panel on Tuesday, Dr. Nworah Ayogu, Amazon Pharmacy chief of pharmacy, explained that payments made with the MedsYourWay card, which is operated by InsiderRx, count toward patients’ deductibles and deductibles.

Plan members will also have an “enhanced experience” on Amazon Pharmacy.

“For example, when they go to the checkout, on that checkout screen they see the discount card price and the insurance price. They can be free to choose what’s cheapest and not worry about what applies to their out-of-pocket. either-pocket maximum or the deductible because both apply,” Ayogu said.

“And those customers get free and fast shipping thanks to this partnership. So it becomes more convenient, affordable and simpler.”

Plans partnering with Amazon Pharmacy include Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield from New Jersey, Blue Cross Blue Shield from Nebraska, Blue Cross Blue Shield from Alabama, Florida Blue, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield from Kansas.


High drug costs are a persistent concern in the US health care system. According to an In a survey conducted last year by the Kaiser Family Foundation, about three in 10 adults said they had not taken their medications at some point in the past year because of the cost.

Meanwhile, an analysis published in JAMA Network Open in 2019 found that many state laws aimed at improving drug pricing transparency failed to provide true transaction pricing. Of the 35 laws passed in 22 states, only seven in six states were considered informative.


Amazon entered the pharmacy space with the acquisition of digital pharmacy PillPack in 2018. In 2020, it rolled out its own store, Amazon Pharmacy.

But the retail and technology giant has been involved in several healthcare ventures, including:

“Healthcare has big problems, and Amazon, we’re bringing a lot of superpowers into the mix. We hope, at least in pharmaceuticals, we can bring those out and make the industry better,” Ayogu said.

“But we know we can’t solve those problems alone. The big problems in healthcare are too difficult for someone to solve on their own, so we need multiple heroes.

“We need the Avengers of healthcare to solve this. And we’re ready to work together to make that happen.”