Click inking deal with Altoida; Aflac, NeuroFlow team up on mental health and more digital health deals

Digital Therapy Click on Therapeutics has tapped into AI-assisted diagnosis of neurological disorders altoid in helping it incorporate more sensitive measures of cognition into their DTx research.

The collaboration will bring Altoida’s capabilities for measuring cognition into Click’s clinical trials.

“By partnering with Altoida, we can leverage their AI-driven augmented reality technology to help us better understand baseline measures of cognition and how it affects patient outcomes,” said Shaheen Lakhan, MD, chief medical officer, Click Therapeutics . “Altoida’s proprietary digital cognitive assessment uses augmented reality to simulate everyday real-world activities, which can be completed on a smartphone or tablet in under 10 minutes, which we believe will accelerate understanding of individual disease patterns.”

Insurance company aflac cooperates with behavioral health company NeuroFlowgiving the former’s employees access to digital mental health resources.

Aflac employees can use NeuroFlow’s service for educational content on a number of behavioral health issues, including depression and anxiety. The service can also provide users with customized activities and assessments. NeuroFlow has a system designed to help identify users who are at risk so that they receive the right level of care.

“According to the American Psychological Association, 67% of Americans report increased stress over the course of the pandemic, creating a tremendous need to proactively address mental and emotional health issues, particularly in the workplace,” Scott Beeman, Aflac senior VP of Premier Life, Absence and Disability Solutions, in a statement. “We are excited to partner with NeuroFlow to offer a solution that brings greater value to our customers before they ever make a claim.”

Medical Alert System LifeStation works together with senior companion platform Daddy about a new effort aimed at reducing social isolation. The deal opens up Papa’s service to LifeStation customers.

LifeStation users can press a button on their medical alert device to talk to one of Papa’s companions. The attendant can help seniors set up their warning device and can provide companionship.

“For so many people using our LifeStation devices, the communication when they press their pendant is the only conversation they have all day,” says Laura Aiello, director of business development and strategic partnerships at LifeStation.

“So many of our members are looking for connection, communication and companionship. Now, with Papa, a Pal can help provide the necessary support for both technical and social needs, improving overall health and well-being.”

TimelyMD has joined forces with a nonprofit organization that is aware of mental health Active Spirits on a new initiative based on providing behavioral health resources to university students.

The couple plans to collaborate on scholarships for student organizations. In particular, TimelyMD will award twenty Active Minds chapter grants aimed at spreading awareness about mental health resources.

“Students struggling with their studies are more likely to receive help if their campus culture supports mental health issues. Since most students will talk to their friends before using virtual care or in-person counseling, peer-to-peer advocacy and encouragement has never been more important,” said Luke Hejl, CEO and co-founder of TimelyMD, in a statement.

“Together, Active Minds and TimelyMD are changing the conversation about mental health and empowering students to feel good and thrive.”