FemTec Health launches D2C personalized box for health products

FemTec Health, a startup focused on using data for personalized beauty and wellness, announced a new direct-to-consumer offering called Awesome Woman.

Customers can use the service to access telehealth services and get personalized health product packages. FemTec Health uses AI and machine learning combined with data about a customer’s genomic, genetic and health history to come up with personalized offers. The box may contain vitamins, probiotics, and home tests.

Users can also choose which health area the products should focus on, including vaginal and urinary health, reproductive health, hormone balance, beauty, and others. The service also offers telecare support.

This new launch comes just months after the startup launched a A $38 million financing round and the acquisition of beauty box company Birchbox and the social marketing platform Liquid Grids.

The company said its direct-to-consumer offering will now include both Awesome Woman and Birchbox.


Women’s health is a growing area in the digital health space. In 2021, femtech companies raised $1.3 billion between January and August, according to a Rock Health report.

However, Femtech companies are still lag behind other sectors of digital health.

“It’s no secret that women’s health care is broken. Although women make up 52% ​​of the population and 80% of family health decisions are made by women, our health care system is not designed to meet their needs. At Awesome Woman, we celebrate women and embrace the power of their voices to put them at the center of the conversation about their healthcare,” said Dr. Kimon Angiledes, founder of FemTec Health, in a statement.


Today, there are a number of women-focused digital health companies on the market, including: Tia, which closed a $110 million Series D financing round in August, Nurx focused on reproductive and sexual health, and hybrid care company Kindbody.

Femtech companies are looking beyond just the space for fertility and reproductive health. Health & Her launched a menopause supplement and app offering in 2020. In addition, CurieMD offers video consultations and mail order prescriptions for middle-aged women.