Infographic: Are Nuts Good For You?

In the fitness and nutrition community, nuts can be a polarizing topic.

Team Pro Nuts says:

Nuts are a near-perfect food! Packed with protein, heart-healthy fats, and hey — stop picking peanuts!

Meanwhile, Team No-Nuts says:

“Nuts are overhyped. They are not That rich in proteins, and they put a strain on your digestive system. And watch out for all those calories!”

Both sides have valid points:

nuts to be high-calorie, and can cause digestive problems in some.

However, nut consumption is associated with better health outcomes, and can add necessary protein to otherwise low-protein diets.

So, how do you (or your clients) decide whether YOU should include nuts in your diet — and beyond, how? a lot, and what friendly

In this infographic we explain:

  • The health benefits of nuts
  • How much protein different nuts contain – and how do they compare to other protein-rich foods?
  • What makes some nuts more? digestible
  • When Nuts Can Help weight lossand when they make it too easy to eating too much
  • And what the hell is going on? difference between a nut and a drupe?

This will be a breeze.

Check out this infographic to learn more about nuts and when you should consider adding or limiting them to your diet. (Or, download the file to refer to when you need it.)

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