Omada integrates behavioral health into chronic disease management platform

Chronic Disease Management Platform Omada Health announced Wednesday that it would incorporate behavioral health support into its existing programs for diabetes prevention and management, hypertension and musculoskeletal care.

The new behavioral health integration includes assessments of anxiety and depression, resources to manage social determinants of health such as access to food, stress management and sleep aids, care teams complemented by mental health specialists and training, and triage and counseling for major mental health crises.


Mental health problems are common, and the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled an increase in adults report symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Meanwhile, physical health and mental health are intertwined; according to the CDC, chronic conditions can increase the risk of mental illness. Omada said 47% of its members show increased symptoms of depression and anxiety.

“Omada Health has always viewed mental health support as an important part of overall wellness. Our latest investment in integrating support into all of our programs further reinforces that commitment,” said Jennifer La Guardia, senior director of clinical and behavioral sciences at Omada Health, said in a statement.

“With nearly half of our members identifying behavioral symptoms, we are now offering them even more personalized care to help them understand and overcome these challenges.”


Last month, Omada announced that it was a hefty $192 million in Series E funding, with plans to use the investment on new hires, the tech roadmap for care personalization and the Omada Insights Lab.

The company started focused on prediabetes, but has since expanded to other clinical areas. In 2020, the digital physiotherapy company bought Physera to add musculoskeletal care to its offering.

Mental and behavioral health care is a booming field within digital health. According to an CBInsights reported that mental health startups worldwide raised $5.5 billion last year, a 139% increase from 2020.

Other chronic disease management companies that offer behavioral health tools include: Dario Health, Welldoc, Lyn Health, and Lark Health.