ResApp’s diagnostic app comes to Health Teams’ elderly care telecare platform

ASX-listed ResApp Health has signed a two-year deal with Health Teams, a digital aged care platform, to launch its mobile diagnostic app on the latter’s telehealth platform.

ResAppDx is an app-based acute respiratory diagnostic test that uses machine learning to analyze cough sounds and diagnose respiratory diseases. The app is approved for use in Australia and Europe and integrates with telehealth, emergency, and primary care settings.

The diagnostic app is expected to be launched on Health Teams’ elderly care monitoring platform in the second quarter of the year.


Health Teams, founded last year, aims to mimic face-to-face consultations while eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional telehealth solutions. It integrates digital stethoscope, throat and ear scope and other digital devices; enables the creation of online references and scripts; capture notes and send them securely to other providers; and display clinical data and health overviews. The system also features Medicare Billing and Gap Payments.

“Integrating ResAppDx will enable the best quality remote monitoring of patients for respiratory disease and improve clinical outcomes for elderly care residents. We are very excited about ResAppDx’s high accuracy rates for critical respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and COPD exacerbations, which are critical are important for early diagnosis in aged care settings,” said Jonathan Klug, CEO of Health Teams.


ResApp has been actively partnering in recent months to expand its mobile diagnostics app. In January, the ResAppDx went live on two major telehealth platforms, Doctors on Demand in Australia and Alodokter in Indonesia. In the same month, ResApp signed a three-year deal with Philippines-based telehealth startup Homify to launch its diagnostic app on the latter’s platform mid-year.

ResApp also signed a three-year distribution agreement with New York-based Sanrai International to bring ResAppDx to emerging countries. The contract covers Africa, the Middle East, South America, South Asia, Central America and the Caribbean.