Roundup: PocDoc Achieves CE Mark for Lateral Flow Testing, Poolbeg Pharma and CytoReason Partner, and More Instructions

PocDoc Secures CE Marking for Lateral Current Test Digital Reader

Cambridge based startup PocDoc has achieved CE marking for its artificial intelligence (AI) powered digital reader of lateral flow tests.

The cloud-based system allows any smartphone or tablet to become a universal digital reader, enabling healthcare organizations to scale out lateral flow tests for any disease or marker.

Steve Roest, CEO and co-founder of PocDoc said: “We truly believe the answer to many global diseases is to make diagnostics more accessible and affordable by combining lateral flow testing with the PocDoc platform and app. This allows healthcare organizations to scale diagnostic testing at a fraction of the cost of lab testing in areas that may be thousands of miles from the nearest testing lab.”

Poolbeg Pharma and CytoReason team up to identify new drug targets for flu

Israeli AI startup Cyto Reason: has signed a deal with the London and Dublin-based Poolbeg Pharma to analyze data on the progression of the flu disease.

The collaboration will leverage insights from Poolbeg’s repository of human flu trial data (a controlled clinical infection study in which individuals are intentionally exposed to a virus or simulated a virus-induced condition).

CytoReason’s validated AI models will enable an in-depth understanding of the mechanism of influenza infection and recovery, enabling the identification of novel drug targets.

Jeremy Skillington, PhD, CEO, Poolbeg Pharma, said: “This is the first time AI analysis will be performed on human flu trial data and we look forward to seeing results early next year.”

Caterpillar will receive £450,000 for: rewards-based digital health platform

UK based health technology company caterpillar has received £450,000 from investors including: Jenson Funding Partners to fund its digital rewards platform for health promotion, education and behavior change.

The cash boost will be used to add new features to the app, expand the range of loyalty programs and other areas of business development.

Built on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Caterpillar connects to third-party wearables and health apps such as Google Fit and Apple Health.

Caterpillar CEO and Founder, Paul Baverstock, said: “Our idea is simple. We use behavioral science and reward-based nudges to help people make healthy life changes that stick and help prevent the development of expensive and avoidable health problems. .”

SleepX applies for approval from the Helsinki Committee for its clinical trial of app

Israeli research and development company SleepX has applied for Helsinki Committee approval to begin a clinical trial for its sleep apnea platform.

The company, a subsidiary of AppYea, plans to test the SleepX Pro app in a hospital sleep lab as the first step toward applying for FDA approval in the medical device category.

SleepX Pro is designed to diagnose sleep apnea without physical contact through AI analysis of breathing during sleep via a smartphone.

Boris (Bary) Molchadsky, President and CEO, SleepX, and Chairman, AppYea, said: “SleepX PRO is a unique, fast and easy-to-use diagnostic tool that prevents subjects from spending nights in sleep labs while the healthcare system and insurance companies save hundreds of millions of dollars. ”