Spry unveils exercise health self-assessment tool

Spry, a developer of physiatry technologies from India, has launched its latest tool that enables self-assessment of a person’s willingness to participate in physical activities.


The digital platform delivers a comprehensive assessment of a person’s mobility and flexibility, as well as their strength and endurance. It first collects basic information about a user’s exercise health and then, using computer vision, records their body movements through cameras.

Results can be adjusted based on the user’s planned activity so that a golfer’s matrix would be different from that of a desk worker, Spry explained in a press statement. The results are also generated along with a comparison with broader population health data.

In addition, allied health professionals from the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) can validate users’ digitally derived ratings. Spry and MAHE collaborate on research into the impact of digital health on patient outcomes and the development of digital therapies.


According to the World Health Organization, more than 2.4 billion people worldwide live with health problems that benefit from rehabilitation. However, there are not enough providers to meet this potentially huge demand as there are only 2.1 million practitioners available worldwide. This gap is more apparent in the middle and low income groups, where up to 65% of people ignore rehabilitation treatments due to time constraints and problems with insurance coverage.

Spry claims to improve access to rehabilitation through its latest offering, which is aimed at people dealing with musculoskeletal problems and those who want to understand their bodies’ readiness to participate in certain physical activities. “By providing our users with an accessible and affordable front door to all of their MSK issues, we provide the opportunity to significantly improve their overall quality of life,” said Brijraj Bhuptani, CEO and co-founder of Spry.


Spry secured $3 million in a December seed funding round. The proceeds, it said, will fund its market strategy to enter the United States market. The MSK startup is known for its flagship cloud-based system that helps physical therapists manage their clinical and administrative functions, from scheduling to patient admission and communication, assessments, EHR, home exercise plans, adherence tracking, and patient lifecycle management.