Walmart and BetterUp Collaborate on Healthcare Provider Support Tool

Retail giant Walmart is partnering with behavioral health coaching platform BetterUp on a new service focused on supporting caregivers. The subscription service, called BetterUp for Caregivers, is offered exclusively through Walmart’s Wellness Hub.

The monthly subscription offers coaching circles with other caregivers and live virtual classes. Members can also take advantage of wellness tracking exercises and resources, as well as certified coaches and community support. Users also have access to interactive exercises and games. The tool is currently listed for $124.99 per month.

β€œ’BetterUp for Caregivers’ leverages over eight years of insights and experience in whole-person coaching and development, rooted in science and a holistic approach to create mental fitness and resilience in individuals. The offering will cover a wide range of of on-demand solutions including 25-minute walk-in workshops on topics such as stress and balance, tailor-made self-guided programs and personalized assessments.

β€œA central part of the offerings includes Self-Care for Caregivers Coaching Circles, a live community program led by professional coaches that addresses topics such as self-care, building strength and resilience, nurturing and compassion,” Julie Barber, senior vice president of health and wellness merchandising at Walmart US, in a statement.


According to the CDC, about one in five people in America, or 53 million people, are active caregivers. The agency reports that two in five informal carers have two or more chronic conditions themselves.

This partnership is pitching the program to support this population.

“Carers suffer from the highest levels of stress and isolation in our country,” Eduardo Medina, co-founder and COO of BetterUp, said in a statement. β€œIt is critical to provide effective support to such an important community, and we are proud to use BetterUp’s expertise in human transformation to support them in finding social connection, building their mental fitness and increasing their resilience through science-based digital and people-oriented solutions.

“This is the first time a solution of this magnitude has been attempted, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with Walmart to deliver a transformational experience to this community at scale.”


This news comes just months after BetterUp released a Series E financing round of $300 million, bringing the company’s valuation to $4.7 billion. The company has also grown through acquisitions. In September, BetterUp bought two data-centric software companies, Motive and Impraise.

Meanwhile, Walmart is expanding its digital reach. In May 2021, Walmart announced the acquisition of telehealth provider MeMD. This brought the assets of the virtual healthcare company into Walmart Health. In June 2020, Walmart purchased medication management company CareZone’s technology platform, patents and other intellectual property.