Can you live in your house while renovating your roof?

Can you live in your house while fixing up your roof?

Everyone knows the importance of a roof that protects our cozy home from harsh weather conditions. If your roof leaks, it will gradually weaken your roof and cause the top to fall in heavy rain or snow.

Not an easy task

Replacing the roof of a home is not a job that can be done in minutes. It takes several days to do it thoroughly. That is why most people ask to live in their house while replacing the roof. Of course the answer is yes, but there are many things to consider when living at home.

People going through such a situation will worry about whether they should live in the house at the time or not. Sure, it’s inconvenient if you decide to stay in your house while you’re replacing the roof, according to Koala Roofing, but it’s better than paying a few days’ rent for another house.

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Some crucial aspects to consider

Can you live in your house while redoing your roof?

We discuss some crucial aspects to consider before moving into a home during a roof replacement:

  • Roofing is noisy: Replacing the roof requires multiple workers and great tools that make noise when they work together. It means roof work is loud so if you can tolerate this noise you can stay in your house. If you work from home or have a baby in the house, living in the same house will be challenging.
  • Roofing is messy: Roof replacement is a mess as it requires tools and different types of roofing material. Even if you have a dumpster, there will be a lot of dust in the house. The roofers will clean up after the night, but there will be more mess than usual. So if you have a child or pet that you think could hurt themselves, consider moving for a few days.
  • Roofing takes a few days: If you think the roofing will be done in one or two days, you are wrong as it is time consuming. It may take up to a week, which the roofing company will decide after reviewing the condition of your roof. You can ask them how much time it will take so that you can stay at home with your relative or friend for those days.
  • Roofers come in: The roofers check doors and attic during work. It depends on the timeline of the roofing replacement process. In the beginning they work from the outside. After a few days, they come in for indoor examination, so that there will be no defect from the inside. So it would help if you prepared yourself for it before you decided to stay home.

Tips for living in the house while roofing

  • It is recommended to follow safety precautions during roofing work. It would help if you kept yourself and your family in one room. Try not to wander around the room here and there as workers with heavy tools could cause an accident.
  • If you have pets, such as dogs or cats, keep them in a safe place. You should keep them somewhere else because you may not be able to control them. In addition, the pets are sensitive and may not adapt well in a noisy and messy environment.
  • If you have children, you have to move with your family. But if you decide to keep them in the same house, make sure your kids don’t play carelessly.
  • If your outdoor space has valuables, keep them safe before the roofer arrives to start the process.


The roofers also know that you have to do the chores around the house. They respect your decision if you want to stay in the same house during the roofing. If you can put up with all these things and are sure of your family’s safety, then it’s totally okay to live at home while the repair is underway. But the process involves heavy tools, which produce noisy messes and take some time.