How to install a patio door

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If you want to add value and beauty to the exterior of your home, one of the easiest and cheapest ways is to add a patio door. Installing a new patio door is something any sane do-it-yourselfer can accomplish in just a few hours. If you have an existing door, consider sliding door repair as a cheaper option. To install a patio door, follow this helpful guide to get your project started.

1. Preparatory work

The first thing to do is to contact your local building inspector and ask for the necessary permits to replace a patio door in your area. If you are installing a pre-hung unit, you should already be in compliance with all applicable city codes, but check anyway just to be sure. You should also check your local building codes regarding window installation to make sure you are putting adequate insulation around the new door.

2. Remove old door

If you are replacing an existing patio door, you can skip this step and skip to #3 (if not, read on). The first thing you want to do is remove the old door. If it has a screen, cut the screen away from the frame and remove any screws holding it in place. Next, remove any weatherstripping between the door and storm door, along with any sealant in the existing frame. A professional expert from sliding door repair shop like the one here will inspect the door and determine if it is suitable for sliding door repair.

3. The New Door

How to install a patio door

Once you’ve selected your new patio door, the first step is to remove any sealant from your home’s existing frame. Next, make sure you have all your tools and materials together. After that, read the directions on your patio door carefully before you begin and carry out accordingly.

4. Fit the new door

This is where you want to make sure you have all your tools and materials together. Assembling a suspended door comes with everything you need (including screws and nails). Pre-hung units click securely into place and require only a rubber mallet for final installation.

Double-check all your measurements and make any necessary adjustments before installing the door. This step usually only takes a few minutes, but if this is your first attempt at making a patio door, you may want a little more time.

5. Nailing it in Place

Now that everything is in place, start nailing the door to the frame. You want to make sure everything lines up before driving in the nails – if this is your first time installing a patio door, don’t be discouraged by minor setbacks at this point. Even experienced installers have the occasional misalignment and will need to recheck their measurements.

6† Window stops

Finally, when you’re confident that your new patio door is installed correctly, it’s time to fit the window stoppers to keep everything in place. Be sure to measure them carefully before installing – if they’re too long they’ll be a challenge to work with, and if they’re too short you’ll have trouble closing your door.

7† Cut it out

Now that your new patio door is installed. The finishing touch is installing any necessary trim pieces that are left. Just follow the instructions that came with the new door – you shouldn’t have a problem putting them in, especially if you have a pre-hung unit.

8† 2) Foam insulation

Finally, this is the last step: sealing any cracks in your home with a coil of 2″ foam insulation. If you live in a cold climate, you will need to install adequate insulation around your new patio door, as this is a major source of heat loss.

9. Tour It

You will need to place weatherstripping between the door and storm door to seal the gap. You can purchase this accessory at any local hardware store or use additional kit from your original installation kit.

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10† Install the screen

Now that you’ve finished installing your new patio door, it’s time to install the screen. You can use any screen kit (available widely) to remove the old screen and install the new one. Just remember to make sure you fasten it securely to the door frame so your family doesn’t ingest any uninvited bugs or critters.

There you have it! You can always fit a new patio door where sliding door repair won’t work.