Nicki Minaj is the front star of the Marc Jacobs campaign for the spring 2022 collection

The Harajuku Barbie looks stunning when featured in a recently released ‘Heaven’ collection campaign. This is Marc Jacobs’ latest spring collection for 2022. The Trinidadian-born rapper leads the campaign wearing Kiki boots, fishnet and pieces from this collection.

Marc Jacobs Spring Collection 2022

Spring is just around the corner and people can’t take their eyes off Marc Jacobs’ new ‘Heaven’ collection. The campaign revolves around teenage anxiety and youth culture. Yes, the 2022 “Heaven” campaign is bringing the 90s back for us!

Harley Weir shot this campaign with music stars like Nicki Minaj, Sky Ferreira, Steve Lacey and Yung Lean along with Model Paloma Elsesser and actress Mena Suvari. Nicki Minaj led the way with wigs, fishnet tights, shorts, a graphic tee and a colorful jumpsuit.

(Paloma Elsesser for Marc Jacobs 2022 Heaven Spring Collection)

(Yung Lean for Marc Jacobs 2022 Heaven Spring Collection)

(Steve Lacey for Marc Jacobs 2022 Heaven Spring Collection)

Another photo that caught the viewers’ attention was of Mena Suvari reprising the critically acclaimed 1999 film “American Beauty”. Mena Suvari posed as Angela Hayes in a bed of roses. FYI, this is an exact rerun of the movie poster.

What’s next?

The Instagram of the Heaven brand has released photos of the singer “Tusa” wearing a corset and trousers, complemented by blue platform heels. In another photo, Minaj also wore a two-headed teddy bear t-shirt along with micro shorts and Kiki boots.

The remaining Spring 2022 collection will be released in the next two months. The collection is designed as a tribute to Comedy Central’s classic 1994 series Hi Octane, among other things.

The collection will also pay tribute to the popular 1950s show “Gumby” and will feature trippy psychedelic graphics from Elliot Shields and Alake Shilling. It includes various designers and brands such as Nong Rak Ancoo, Climax Boox and many more.

That is why the collection contains three drops:

  • The first drop in March features contributions from photographer Ed Templeton and painter Claire Barrow.
  • The second drop in April features stills from Comedy Central’s short-lived series “Hi Octane”. If you don’t remember, the show focused on interviews and sketches of some of the most famous of the 90s.
  • The third release in May features psychedelic graphics from Elliot Shields, trippy floral prints from Alake Shilling, and graphics from the 1950s clay animated series “Gumby.”

Where to buy?

It’s a limited edition! This year’s Heaven Spring Collections are causing a stir among celebrities and everyday people. The graphic t-shirts range from $85, a pointless lace dress might cost $295, and Love Park Kiki boots cost $695. You can now shop the new Heaven by Marc Jacobs spring collection in store and online at

Check out the recent campaign and let us know what you think.