Pedro Alonso debuts a new beardless look in a transformation role on Instagram

Spanish actor Pedro Alonso recently surprised us all on social media when he went through a transformation, we almost feel like the person before the makeover and the person after the makeover are two completely different personalities.

Pedro can make any look effortless

The 50-year-old took to his Instagram and posted a video along with a photo of his new look, which can also be called a beardless look. He has a huge following on the social media platform, he has almost 9.5 million followers on Instagram.

“Viajes en el tiempo de la mano de mis queridas y luminosas y talentosas Isa bo_project_makeup estefania_makeup y Albita. 🔥❤️🦧,” he captioned the post. Translated into English it means: “Time travels in the hand of my sweet and smart and talented Isa Bo_project_makeup estefania_makeup and Albita.

In the video we see the amazing transformation of the money robberyLa casa de papel) star. He played the part of Berlin in the show which brought him wide recognition around the world. After that, he also posted a photo with his entire crew that was responsible for his major transformation. He looks very charming and sharp in his new look.

Pedro studied acting to become a phenomenal actor

Pedro González Alonso was born on June 21, 1971 in Vigo, Galicia, Spain. Before stepping into the world of acting, he gained in-depth knowledge about it. He graduated in 1992 at the Royal School of Dramatic Arts (RESAD) in Madrid. Shortly afterwards, he entered the Teatro de la Danza (Theatre of Dance).

Let’s tell you a unique fact about Alonso, he is ambidextrous which means that one can use his right hand and left hand equally well. He can speak a total of 4 languages ​​and they are as follows: Spanish, Galician, Catalan and English. He also enjoys writing and painting in his spare time. In the year 2018, Pedro was named “International Star of the Year 2018” by GQ Turkey Magazine.

What projects did Alonso play in before?

Pedro has been part of some great projects in the past. He has appeared in TV shows such as: Rias Baixas (2003-2005), Maridos and Mulleres (2006-2008), Padre Casares (2008-2015) and gondar (2009). Apart from this, he was also seen in the historical drama Gran Hotel. He portrayed the role of Diego Murquía in the show.

Alonso is best known for the essay of Berlin’s character in the crime drama series money robbery. The show premiered on Antena 3 in the year 2017. You can watch it now on the streaming giant Netflix. The show revolves around the character of a criminal mastermind named Professor who plans to commit one of the greatest heists in history.

We all see the world of glamor and the benefits that come with it, but let’s not forget that the actors put their blood and sweat into each project to entertain the viewers. We can’t wait to see Alonso shine on screen in the future. Don’t forget to follow us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.