Porsha Williams poses in a strapless bikini: fiance Simon Guobadia can’t take his eyes off

Porsha Williams is currently on holiday with her boyfriend Simon Guobadia in Anguilla. This time it’s not her usual bold in black. The American TV actress wore a strapless bikini top and small green bottoms as she romanticized with her fiancé on a beach in the Caribbean.

Beach babe: Porsha Williams took a moment to get away from the hustle and bustle of life as she showed off her abs on Monday afternoon as she posed for some bikini snaps on Instagram

This is how you draw it on a beach

The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star always looks gorgeous when it comes to her looks and classic taste in fashion. At 40, she continues to show off her abs and perfect shoulders.

She let her dark brown hair fall under a classic woven hat while posing confidently in oversized sunglasses. Oh, and don’t miss her colorful sheer cover-up!

What will the duo bring to Anguilla

Despite a hard-working career, Porsha Williams has always believed in finding time for her loved ones. This time she took a break with her finances to spend quality time in Anguilla.

So happy together: The 40-year-old reality star looked sensational wearing a tiny two-piece swimsuit while on holiday with fiancé Simon Guobadia as they combed the beach together during sunset in Anguilla

Yes, there is indeed love in the air. And doesn’t she look absolutely sizzling? In an interaction, her finances Simon said: “Oh, my girl is indeed sunbathing here in Anguilla”.

We know he can’t take his eyes off her as she comfortably sports in her tiny two piece swimsuit and poses for some bikini shots.

You can find her recent video of Anguilla here:

The Porsha-Simon Affair

You can’t deny that Porsha and Simon are really in love, and they left no opportunity to reveal it. Porsha made clear her intentions about her romance with Simon last May with a selfie she shared on her Instagram account. Adorable: Williams hid her brunette hair under a woven hat and wore a pair of oversized sunglasses while basking in the sun.

Shortly afterwards, the couple also announced that they were both engaged. The couple has been married before, but nothing has stopped them since they met.

The Secret Behind Porsha’s Beach Body

Porsha Williams always believes in a balanced and disciplined life. For example, she didn’t feel pressured to take a big post-baby weight loss plan in 2019. And she did! Trust me, her balanced manners are worth following.

In an interview with the renowned magazine, she shared how she manages to keep herself healthy and in shape. She made an honest statement by saying: “For my diet, I’m really not on anything strict. I just do what makes sense.”

She added, ‘If I feel like a hamburger, I eat it. But then I provide a salad, lots of water and vegetables the next day.” She just meant making sure the next day is filled with healthy habits. If you avoid that, you won’t get there.

Porsha also practices intermittent fasting when you only eat between a certain number of hours and fast for the rest of the day. In her case, she limits her eating window to six hours.