Tatá Werneck reminisces about her trip to the Maldives in a recent Instagram post

Talita Werneck Arguelhes, popularly known as Tatá Werneck, is a Brazilian actress, television host, comedian, musician and former VJ. She was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She recently posted a throwback photo from her trip to the Maldives on Instagram.

Check out Tatá’s photo from her trip to the Maldives below:

The 38-year-old took to her Instagram handle and shared a beautiful photo of herself. “Tbt Maldives I didn’t even pay a muggle after I found out the artists are all acting,” she captioned the photo.

The actress told people that she paid for the trip and later felt stupid when she learned that many artists visit the place for free or in exchange for social network disclosure.

When did Tatá come into the limelight?

Werneck knew from the start what she wanted to be when she grew up. Tatá started acting at the young age of 9. She gave her first theater performance at the age of 11. She made her debut on television with a program called ‘Dilemas de Irene’. Since then, this powerhouse of talent hasn’t stopped.

She caught the attention of the public in the year 2013 when she was cast in a soap opera ‘Amor à Vida’. In the show, she played the role of comedic hoochie Valdirene, a girl who wanted to marry a rich man. The show was created by Walcyr Carrasco.

Apart from this, Tatá also played the role of lead singer for a musical band called “”Renatinho”. She was also awarded the title “Queen of Comedy” in 2016 by a magazine called ‘Capricho’.

In which films has Tatá Werneck appeared before?

Tatá starred in a number of films such as “Neurotic Quest for Serenity”, “Loucas pra Casar”, “Uma Quase Dupla”, “A Noite da Virada”, “Podia Ser Pior”, “Teste de Elenco” and “Head Over Hakken 2 “.

She has also participated in many great shows such as “Lady Night”, “The Masked Singer Brasil”, “Amor à Vida”, “Vai Que Cola”, “I Love Paraisópolis”, “Deus Salve o Rei” and “It’s a Match “.

How long have Tatá and Rafael Vitti been together?

Rafael is an actor, musician and poet. He is best known for his character Pedro Ramos in the show ‘Malhação Sonhos’. The couple share a sweet girl named Clara Maria Werneck Vitti.

This year Rafael and Werneck celebrated 5 years together. Vitti took to his Instagram and shared a few photos with a lengthy caption that read: “Today we’ve been together 5 years and I want to thank you for loving me and taking care of me when I’m in shit. Because even though I have you to do and solve a million things, if I need you, you will support me.”

He said, “And that’s what relationships are ultimately all about: one is the support of the other when we think about giving up. You have saved me from many bad things.”

He added: “Thank you for being that light in our lives. Clara is fortunate to be his daughter, an example of determination, strength, faith, justice, generosity and grimaces. You are too much, my love. We started dating by chance, and we didn’t even believe it was possible. And today we have our family.”

To this day, Werneck continues to shine on screen. She continues to provide her fans with updates on both her personal and professional life via social media. Stay tuned for the latest updates.