‘The Outset’: Scarlett Johansson’s skincare brand launches in March

The Black Widow actress is entering the beauty industry and fans are raving to say the least.

Scarlett Johansson had announced in July 2021 that her own skincare line was in the works. And after almost a year, the 37-year-old actress is ready to bring her brand to the table!

Johansson launches her skincare line, the beginning

the beginning is the name of the skincare line that Johansson is about to launch, and it will be headed your way on March 1st. And Johansson, along with co-founder and beauty executive Kate Foster, has already set up the official website and Instagram page for the brand.

The beginning mantra is to “do more with less”. The brand will be a simple and “uncomplicated” skincare line with four products already designed and ready. It is being created in partnership with a reputable private investment company called The Najafi Companies, which also helps fund the brand.

The under the skin actress has been linked to incredibly respected and famous beauty brands such as L’Oreal ParisGabbanaand Dolce in the past, and now she comes into play with her own brand.

“I have been the face of several luxury brands throughout my career,” Johansson said in an interview with Fashion for their March issue. “And all those experiences were really great. But – how do I say this? I think I always felt like I was playing some kind of character in those campaigns.”

“I wanted to create and represent a brand that was true to me,” said the mother of two of her skincare line.

The beginning official Instagram page

With a clear vision of what it’s all about, the official website and Instagram page for the beginning have been launched, with the latter already attracting approximately 36,000 followers.

While fans expressed how excited they were about Johansson’s new venture, Colin Jost, the actress’s husband, posted a hilarious comment under a post on the brand’s social media account. The post featured a close-up of Johansson’s side profile, where Jost said, “Is this the best way to contact you? I’m starting a similar brand called ‘Part of a Face’ and would love to use this photo. Thanks. “

In addition, the account contains several minimalist and attractive photos, most of them in a black and white frame.

With more and more celebrities treading the threshold of the beauty industry, skin care has become even more important than before with the influence of their brand and unique perspectives.