Alienware M15 R7 (2022) Review

Alienware M15 R7: Two Minute Review

Dell’s Alienware gaming laptops can be a very mixed bag. With an almost ridiculously large number of models available, there will always be some chaff that needs to be separated from the (admittedly more abundant) wheat. Thankfully, the new Alienware M15 R7 sits firmly in the grains category — a well-rounded 1080p gaming machine with a gleaming 12th-gen Intel processor at its core.

At first glance, the M15 R7 is the same as almost every other Alienware laptop released in recent years; an indented screen hinge, a long ring of RGB lighting along the trailing edge, and that iconic alien head logo illuminated in vibrant blue. It’s a tried and true design that we can’t blame Dell for – after all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.