Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer (MicLive 6-CH, UC8000) review

Podcasting as we know it today is much easier to get into than when I started my first podcast 16 years ago. The equipment was bigger, required all kinds of cables and the software was not very user-friendly. Today we have products like the Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer that make it easy to create a quality podcast on the go or without setting up a full home studio.
For the past few years, everyone has either started a podcast, been on a podcast, or are streaming their epic gaming battles live. I had my first podcast in 2006 – and we didn’t have as many audio options as we do today. This was before USB microphones became popular and finding equipment connected to a computer was prohibitively expensive. Today, joining the world of podcasting is much more accessible.

Let’s take a look at the Aten Podcast AI, Audio Mixer, and see how it performs.