Best Authenticator Apps in 2022

Two-factor authentication (2FA) has become standard practice when it comes to online security, but threat actors can still find a way to trick unsuspecting users and steal your valuable private information. However, with an authenticator app, you can bolster your cybersecurity measures and make logging in a breeze.

As with just about anything, there are app solutions to deal with 2FA. These are called authenticator apps, which provide a secure way to log into accounts and applications with a one-time password verification code. Chances are you’ve come across this form of online security before, as this form of account verification is commonly used in mobile banking apps – but who said all your other accounts aren’t so important?

Everything from social media accounts to cryptocurrency wallets is at risk, especially for those who use their phone number to receive authentication. In fact there is a very good reason why you should not use your number for 2FA on crypto accounts† Whether you’re concerned about phishing scams snooping around for your password or don’t want to risk a malware attack, read on to discover the best authenticator apps to stay safe online.

What is two-factor authentication?