Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K G2 Camera Offers Enhanced Features for Under $2,000

Blackmagic Design has just launched a new addition to its pocket cinema camera line, the BMPCC 6K G2, which is an intriguing entry into the cinema camera market. I recently predicted that Blackmagic would come out with a new Pocket Cinema 6K camera, and I hate to say I told you that, but I did. The new BMPCC 6K also comes with improved autofocus, again as predicted, but it still probably won’t rival Canon, Sony or Nikon. However, it is much faster and tighter and produces even cleaner images.

You may be wondering how I knew this so quickly. Have I already received a review unit? No, I haven’t, but one is on the way. I know this because Blackmagic has updated the focus system via firmware for its other BMPCC cameras, the 4K, 6k and 6K Pro. The update, which you can find on Blackmagic’s site, is now available to all owners of the aforementioned cameras. I updated my 6K and 4K and was amazed at the speed of the autofocus, as well as the improved image quality. The user interface remains largely the same, but looks a bit cleaner, and a recording icon has been added to the screen, allowing for faster touch recording.