Dial-up is dead, but Apple just made it deadlier — and we’re still missing it

The news that Apple’s macOS Ventura would stop providing guidance (opens in new tab) About how to set up your dial-up modem flooded me with an intense wave of nostalgia that reminded me 32 years ago of the early days of the Internet, email, and that oh-so-classic handshake sound.

Dial-up, the telephone line-based communications protocol for connecting computers to distant computers, and the early Internet, is not dead in a clinical sense. You can still use it to connect your computer to the Internet through a Mac or Windows PC. All you need is a functioning dial-up modem (commonly available on eBay) (opens in new tab)), a telephone line port, the physical telephone line cable and RJ35 connector; (opens in new tab)and a system on the other end to dial in.