eufy Clean HomeVac H20 review

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Eufy is part of Anker Innovations, a company founded in September 2016. It is part of one of the leading and most trusted brands in America specializing in home appliances and smart home devices. These include items from laser-guided robotic vacuum cleaners to wireless security cameras. The motto “Smart Home Simplified” is what drives the forward-thinking brand to build easy-to-use products designed to improve your life.

The eufy Clean HomeVac H20 is the latest addition to its HomeVac line of cleaners, designed specifically for use in the car, although we found it just as useful around the house. Compared to the best-selling Clean H30 Mate on Anker’s website, the HomeVac H20 offers a ten-minute boost to runtime, a weight reduction of 0.34 lbs, and can be recharged from the car for convenience.