Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Everything We Know So Far

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was unveiled at a Final Fantasy VII 25th anniversary event and will launch much earlier than expected. Seven years ago, Remake took the world by storm after its surprise announcement at Sony’s E3 2015 conference. While we were expecting a full recreation of the original game, it was confirmed shortly after that Midgar would be the primary focus. This worried fans a bit, as it initially felt like Square Enix would be milking the original Final Fantasy VII over multiple remakes to get more money.

But when the game finally launched five years later, those doubts faded. Square Enix’s plan for the Final Fantasy VII Remake project turned out to be much more than just filling up the length of the game to fit multiple entries. And now all our hopes lie with Rebirth, the upcoming sequel to 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake. And with Final Fantasy XVI due out sometime next year, we hope that means huge shifts for the future of this game franchise. Final Fantasy is back!