Friska Primo Designer standing desk review

Friska Primo Designer Standing Desk: Two Minute Review

  • Unique design for those who appreciate style
  • Maybe too ‘quirky’ for some

Standing desks can be an expensive purchase for many, especially when compared to a more traditional desk, but despite this, the market can be oversaturated with the same styles. The typical T-shaped legs are easy-to-install motors, which is the most likely explanation, but what do you do when you’re looking for something unique?

The Friska Primo Designer standing desk is here to appeal to that niche market, and it does so with a flourish. You still get the benefits of an electric standing desk thanks to a control switch, but the industrial legs give it an oddly aggressive look that feels right at home in a modern environment.

Friska (opens in new tab) has a great selection of electric sit/stand desks to choose from to suit your needs so if this robust looking desk isn’t appealing you could also look into more conventional designs such as the Stockholm there are plenty of customization options available for it entire range of Friska desks.

Since the leg style is what makes the Primo unique, you can’t customize the shape or color, but you can play around with topper options and additional specs or accessories like cable port holes and improved controls.