Google Pixel 6 Revised Review

When I switched to an iPhone last year, the Google Pixel series was in disarray. His latest flagship at the time, the Pixel 5was discontinued in less than a year, and unlike the middle class Pixel 4a’s above-average figures, that was of little use to Google. It seemed like the end of the road for its premium smartphone lineup, leaving me with no choice but to drop ship. The latest Pixel 6 represents in many ways a new line of phones with a fresh direction and Google’s internal chip, and for a moment it looked like Google had finally hit a home run. Then the insects came.

The Pixel 6 was supposed to be the knight in shining armor of Google’s hardware division, and it had the ingredients to be one. It received rave reviews across the board, was reasonably priced, and covered just about everything its predecessors were criticized for. Heck, I even considered going back to it from the iPhone. However, shortly after it started shipping to customers, reports emerged left and right about the same kind of bugs that proved to be the Achilles heel of previous generations. Some automatically rejected incoming calls, others were ghost calling contacts, others’ fingerprint scanners refused to work — the list goes on.