I’m A Trans Woman Who Changed Gmail Addresses To Embrace My Identity – And It Was Hell

Google is an all-powerful entity that dominates almost every facet of my digital life. This includes the emails I check, the documents I write, the phone I use, the photos I take, the images I search, the websites I browse, the videos I watch, and the accounts I create with third-party applications. It can all be traced back to one company, and so much of what’s on the web is somehow woven into the vast web of Google.

Even my job, which is based on relying on the world’s most popular search engine, can mean that Google determines my livelihood. It’s an absurd amount of power for a single company to own, and it’s pretty scary when I think about it for too long. This doesn’t matter much though, does it? After all, Google is a great service. It’s not that one of the most common services can actually be a total nightmare.