iPhone SE price hikes in the UK – is the iPhone 14 to blame?

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are making waves after they were announced at the Apple event in September, although the iPhone 14 price rose in the UK and EU. Unfortunately, that’s not the only price increase doing the rounds.

Spotted by sister site Slice Mag, Apple has secretly increased the price of the iPhone SE (2022) in the UK. Originally, Apple’s budget smartphone was priced at £419 when it was announced earlier this year. Now, after the iPhone 14 was announced, the price has increased by £30; the iPhone SE (2022) is now £449.

This can be seen on Apple’s iPhone SE listing page (opens in new tab), and from previous reports you can see it was £419 before. Ditching did some digging using the archive website Wayback Machine, and the previous price will be on display on September 7. Then the Apple event started and a day later it’s now £30 more.

iPhone SE (2022) (Image credit: Apple)

For those outside the UK the price seems to be the same. In the US, the iPhone SE (2022) sells for $429, which is the same price tag we see on Apple’s US listing page (opens in new tab).

Prices are rising for everything iPhone related in the UK. While the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro didn’t see the expected price hike, the UK and EU are seeing a price increase to £150 and €200 respectively (and Laptop Mag’s Jason England is unimpressed).

No details are known about why Apple increased the price of the iPhone SE (2022) after the event. We’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will update this page if we hear anything.

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