Leaked Silent Hill images appear – get ready for creepy sticky notes

Alleged images of a new Silent Hill game have surfaced thanks to well-known leaker AestheticGamer1, but the four photos from the 2020 project have now been removed by the ‘copyright holder’.

According to the Twitter after, the four images come from a “relatively new source,” but the content shown was apparently enough evidence to believe the images were real. Apparently “Anita & Maya” and “Text Messages” are somehow important, and more than one Silent Hill game is in development.

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In addition, the alleged leaked images shown date back to 2020, meaning they could be concept images from a game that is still in development. Apparently the leaker has “a lot of private evidence to show this is real”. Of course, without any official announcement of a new Silent Hill game, it’s a good idea to have a serving of salt on hand.

Still, AestheticGamer is known for having a good track record and the images being removed now only arouse suspicion. As for the text messages, this may refer to a feature mentioned by game writer Alanah Pearce, stating that for the now-cancelled Silent Hills “you must sign a waiver before playing because it would somehow communicate with your real self, such as by sending you emails or text messages as characters from the game, even if you weren’t actively playing.”

At the time of writing, another Twitter user has shared the images, which have yet to be removed by the copyright owner.

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