New WhatsApp update makes group chat managers even more powerful

Beware, WhatsApp users – the popular messaging service adds yet another tool to the arsenal of predominant group chat managers.

As noted by WABetaInfo (opens in new tab), WhatsApp is working on a new update that will give admins the ability to delete all messages sent in group chats they oversee. Currently, messages can only be deleted by the users who originally sent them, but this new feature — rolling out in beta soon — would share the privilege with administrators.

However, all group members will be notified if and when an admin deletes a group post, and admins will be notified before confirming the option to do so.

The message managers are shown before a group message is deleted

(Image credit: WABetaInfo)

As part of a more imminent app update, WhatsApp users will also be given more time to delete embarrassing or mistimed group chat messages (let’s face it, we’ve all been there…).