PlayStation State of Play: God of War Ragnarok, Rise of the Ronin, Stellar Blade and more


God of War: Ragnarok got a new trailer, a mix of cinematic story moments and intense combat demonstrations. We get a sense of Kratos’ interactions with the other gods, and some of their encounters with Freya. We also see that at one point Kratos faces two Valkyries at once. Are you joking?

There was so much to unpack here. It felt like a lot of the game’s set pieces were shown, and holy moly, I’m absolutely stunned. Wow!

During the show, a new God of War: Ragnarok-themed DualSense was unveiled on November 9.

Rise of the Ronin was unveiled, a new Team Ninja game set in Japan in 1863. It appears to be an open world and allows players to explore Japan freely, with Team Ninja’s classic action combat and intense takedowns. It’s a PS5 exclusive and will launch sometime in 2024.

The next game showcased was Stellar Blade, a PS5 exclusive with intense third-party hack-n-slash action launching in 2023. It was previously called Project Eve and is most interesting for its immaculate environments and really wild monster designs. It looks like it controls super smooth and has tight combos.

A mecha-based game where the player collects resources, climbs through obstacles and fights against giant alien monsters. It’s called Synduality and seems to have quite the story about a possible romance involving a person and their AI? It’s coming in 2023.

PlayStation Stars will receive an information update/explanation. Players earn points and get digital collectibles by participating. We got a taste of what that might look like, we saw Taro, Ape Escape, the PS3 console and more.

In Pacific Drive, the player drives through obstacles, supernatural phenomena and creatures to escape through a giant forest and get to their destination. It seems intense. The game will be released in 2023 for PS5.

Hogwarts: Legacy is getting a very different kind of trailer. It seems much more focused on the horrors of the Harry Potter world, with creepy mannequins and giant spiders. The Haunted Hogsmede Shop is what we were shown, which is a PlayStation exclusive quest series.

A remaster of Sega set in feudal Japan, rebuilt from the ground up and available outside Japan for the first time. Like a dragon: Ishin! seems to feature hack-n-slash combat and absolutely wild cutscenes.

Another PSVR 2 game seems to have a board game on the table where players place cards on the field to fight with their heroes against miniature monsters. It also appears to be multiplayer. It’s called Demeo and it’s in development for PSVR2.

PSVR 2 will feature a Star Wars game in which the player escapes to Galaxy’s Edge, visits alien planets, shoots flying monsters and robots, and interacts with R2D2 and C3PO. It’s called Star Wars: Tales from Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition.

The PlayStation State of Play has opened with a first look at Tekken 8. It’s cloudy, stormy, the fire is raging and great rock music is playing in the background. It’s coming for PS5, but we haven’t been given an official date.

The PlayStation State of Play begins now! Make sure to tune in to YouTube or Twitch today at 3pm PT / 6pm ET / 11pm BST. We will also update this article in real time with everything you need to know.

The PlayStation State of Play starts in less than an hour. We hope Square Enix shows up to show more of Final Fantasy XVI. I’m dreaming very hard today and hope that FromSoftware will show Armored Core, but unfortunately that’s unlikely.

Make sure to tune in to YouTube or Twitch today at 3pm PT / 6pm ET / 11pm BST. Does not it work? No problem! Stay tuned for this article as we’ll be updating it during the show.