Razer Deathadder V3 Pro review

Razer Deathadder V3 Pro: One Minute Review

Take the Razer Deathadder V3 Pro out of the box and you instantly know you’re in the presence of greatness – a real GOAT, if you will; the Highlander, the Chosen One. Yes, yes… we said the same thing about its predecessor. But the fact that Razer has taken something that was already great and made it even better is a testament to how gasping this new installment in the Deathadder line is.

It’s not just the performance and the robust connection that are central here. Light as air, divinely supportive and simply a joy to use thanks to its optical switches, the Razer Deathadder V3 Pro is everything you could ever want in a wireless gaming mouse. It may not be feature-rich and lack RGB lighting – after all, if you need to pack light, you’ll stick to the essentials – but where it matters most, it really delivers and then some.