Saints Row review-in-progress: This highly anticipated reboot offers broken, stupid fun

Saints Row is the highly anticipated reboot of a much-loved franchise best described as a self-indulgent parody of Grand Theft Auto and other open-world city games of its ilk. While the first two games were on the serious side, the last two rely entirely on overblown nonsense, with the latter letting the player act as President of the United States.

All four games launched during the Xbox 360 and PS3 console generations, and it’s been nine years since a full game called Saints Row has graced us (as long as you don’t count the launch of Agents of Mayhem in 2017). But Deep Silver Volition is back with more Saints Row, throwing us into a rebooted world with the same premise. So, what’s the verdict?

On the one hand Saints Row is fun. The game’s presentation has a palpable simplicity that makes it feel like it absolutely belongs on the PlayStation 3, but it leans just enough into parody to make it humorous without treading unpleasant territory. a la Saints Row IV.

Saints Row (2022) preview

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

The story is similar to previous games in the franchise. There is a heightened sense of logic, supported by humorous character interactions, but this game is not a complete joke. The story is one you can take seriously, and from what I’ve played so far, the pace has been somewhat competent.