Satechi’s $24.99 USB4 Cable for Mac Revealed

Satechi launches USB-C cables with USB4 connectivity and a new 30W wall charger to match Apple’s new line of Mac models, and they’re a fraction of the price compared to the Cupertino’s new Thunderbolt 4 cable. tech giant, $129.

Known for its Mac-compatible accessories, Satechi has now introduced its USB4 C to C cables and a 30W USB-C PD GaN wall charger to bring faster charging speeds and better power efficiency to Apple’s latest MacBooks and others. Windows laptops. Plus, prices start at $24.99 for the cables and $29.99 for the chargers.

(Image credit: Satechi)

USB4, the latest generation of connectivity, enables data transfer rates of up to 40 Gbps and is backward compatible with Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4, along with USB 3.2 and below. They also enable video output up to 8K resolution, with Satechi claiming it’s also compatible with Apple’s new Studio Display.

USB4 cables are vastly more affordable than Apple’s Thunderbolt 4, and while it can more or less match its performance, it’s important to note that USB4 starts offering speeds from 20 Gbps, rather than Thunderbolt 4 always a standard 40. has Gbps. In addition, Thunderbolt 4 can daisy-chain two 4K displays while USB4 can support one display.

Anyway, Satechi’s new cables and charger and competitively priced, and to sweeten the deal, there’s a limited-time sale that takes 25% off the price tag. Check them out below.