Will PlayStation Stars herald the return of PlayStation Home?

Sony recently unveiled PlayStation Stars, a loyalty program that rewards players for completing certain achievements or purchasing PlayStation Store items. Doing something as simple as playing a game every month or completing “a variety of campaigns and activities” will bring rewards. You also get something if you are the first in your local time zone to have a game certified platinum. This is an everyday points system, common to most businesses to encourage frequent spending in their stores.

However, where PlayStation Stars differs from restaurants or clothing stores is with its digital collection systems. No, these are not NFTs and they are not exchangeable for cash. Instead, they only exist to fuel fan excitement and seem to be tied to a PlayStation user’s profile based on certain things they do. Details on these “digital collectibles” are scarce, but we know they will feature figurines of PlayStation characters and devices from the company’s history.

The most fascinating part of the announcement promises that, “There will always be a new collectible to earn, an extremely rare collectible to aspire to, or something surprising to collect just for fun.” As with trophies, this system seems to be present throughout the PlayStation ecosystem, with plenty of diverse items to earn. We also know that the program will be launched later this year through regional rollout.

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Credit: Prime 1 Studio

Sony could approach this the bland way, presenting these “digital collectibles” as flat 2D images attached to the player’s profile, essentially turning them into another tab of stickers to browse, similar to scrolling through someone’s trophy collection.