Windows 11 has a secret Start menu – here’s how to access it

For those who constantly forget where the task manager is or can never find where to access the Run command on Windows 11 without looking it up on Google first, fear not.

While Windows 11’s Start menu is an easy way to access pinned apps and more, it doesn’t give you easy access to the nooks and crannies of your PC. Fortunately, there’s a somewhat secret Start menu hidden within the icon that gives you a bundle of options, such as accessing your system’s specs, opening the task manager and the Run command, checking device and computer management, and much more.

Accessing Windows 11’s hidden Start menu is easy. In fact, all it takes is a simple right-click or keyboard shortcut. It can be incredibly useful to find your PC’s more granular options, especially if you don’t know where they are in the first place.

Follow the simple steps below to use Windows 11s other Home menu.

  • On your Windows 11 PC, right-click the Start menu icon on the taskbar.
(Image credit: Future)
  • Alternatively, press Windows key + X and the menu appears.