Windows 12 may be coming in 2024 thanks to Microsoft’s revamped update schedule

Microsoft is once again changing its update release schedule with a new roadmap that will bring a major update every three years – signaling the possible arrival of Windows 12.

According to sources speaking to sister site Windows Central, Microsoft is scrapping its annual release schedule in favor of a three-year release cycle, along with increasing the number of new features coming to Windows 11. In 2021, the company said it would commit to releasing one key feature (opens in new tab) for Windows 11 every year. Now it seems that Microsoft is giving itself more time to release “major” versions of Windows, while still rolling out new features.

The next major release is slated for 2024, leaving behind the notorious 2023 client release, Sun Valley 3. That’s three years after the release of Windows 11, meaning Microsoft could make room to work on a “major” update. to work. This indicates that Windows 12 could be on the horizon, and if it is, the next version could be scheduled for 2027.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

As the report points out, this doesn’t mean Microsoft will slack off with updates and bug fixes for the current version of Windows. With Windows 11 Sun Valley 2, a new Moments feature will allow Microsoft to roll out new features more easily throughout the year. The unnamed sources also state that new features will appear up to four times a year from 2023.

Instead of the larger Sun Valley 3 update, Microsoft would release these updates as part of one of these Moments, meaning users will get new features sooner – rather than a major release that generally comes in the fall of each year. takes place.

The report points out that these Moments are what the company has called them internally, and they may be renamed once released.

The new Windows roadmap is currently in the planning stages with the 2024 release apparently currently being called “Next Valley”, although not much else is known. Whether Microsoft plans to stick to its annual release schedule or introduce a three-year release cycle is still up in the air, but we’ll be sure to know more once Sun Valley 2 officially arrives. If anything, a potential release of Windows 12 will spark interest much earlier than the time it took between Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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