Yvolution YES electric scooter review

Two minute review

The YES is Yvolution’s first attempt to enter the ever-popular electric scooter market. And the Dublin-based company didn’t just copy what worked well for others; instead, it designed one of the most beautiful electric scooters we’ve seen in a while, combining vibrant colours, bright lights and the unique Flexpress wooden deck – a real feat for the eye.

The scooter is delivered almost pre-assembled; all you have to do is screw in the handles and you are good to go. Operating the YES electric scooter is just as easy as there is only one button to press. The LED display is clear and easy to read, showing all the information you need to know about speed, headlights and more.

Speaking of lights, the Yvolution YES has a five-point safety lighting system with a bright headlight, an equally bright taillight and smaller lights scattered around the Flexpress board. You will be seen on the YES on the street.

Yvolution YES electric scooter review

Credit: Matt Kollat

And it’s probably best that you’re highly visible, because riding the YES electric scooter is a somewhat dangerous affair. It is limited to 25 km / 15.5 miles like all other e-scooters, but the brakes are electric and quite powerful. Worse, you apply them by pushing a small lever that doesn’t have much resistance, making braking jerky and abrupt. The rear fender can also be used for braking, but that’s oddly connected to the electric brake too, so you’re not much better off using it.